How to Keep a Shepherd Dog so that it is docile, obedient and smart

Looking at its fierce appearance, perhaps many people don’t think that raising a German Shepherd is not as difficult as it seems. Dogs are intelligent animals that can be trained to be docile and obedient to their owners, including German shepherds.

At first glance, it seems impossible to make German shepherd dogs docile and obedient because this type of dog is known as an aggressive and scary dog, especially as dogs that serve with the police and army. However, there are ways to raise German Shepherd dogs so they can be pets at home.

This dog from Germany has the Latin name German Shepherd. Initially German shepherds were used as herding dogs because of their brave, intelligent, alert, fearless character, loyal to their master and strong protective instincts. Shepherd dogs can be good pets and house guards if they are trained well from a young age.

Guide on How to Raise German Shepherd Dogs from a Young Age
The character and behavior of a German German German German German breeder dog as an adult is formed by the way the owner trains him when he is young. That is why it is recommended to keep bow wow wow German Shepherd dogs from when they are small, so that when they grow up, German Shepherd dogs can be mentally and physically trained, stable and calmer. Here’s a guide on how to raise a German shepherd:

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1. Prepare the cage
The correct way to raise a Shepherd dog is from childhood or a young age. Young German German dogs have almost the same character as other types of puppies. The only difference is that German Shepherd puppies are usually more temperamental, so they require more intensive care. As young as they are, German Shepherd puppies should be placed in a cage.

This aims to make it easier for owners to train their dogs to be disciplined and regular, especially when it comes to urinating. The cages used are free, as long as they are comfortable for the pet dog. The cage also functions to provide a sense of security for German shepherd dogs when left alone at home.

2. Provide nutritious food
how to raise a German shepherd
The next way to raise German Shepherd dogs is to pay attention to their food. In order for German Shepherd puppies to grow into healthy adult Shepherd dogs, they need to be given nutritious food. It is best if the food given, especially to German shepherd puppies, is special food or dog food. Avoid giving human food.

It’s a good idea for your pet dog to choose what food he likes. Namely by providing various different types of dog food every day, and still ensuring that the food has good nutritional levels for the health of pet dogs. If you are looking after a German Shepherd puppy that has just been born and is separated from its mother, it is best to give it special dog milk until it is 3 months old, only after that you can add special puppy food.

3. Maintain body hygiene
The owner must really pay attention to the cleanliness of a German Shepherd puppy’s body. This is one of the most important ways to raise German Shepherd dogs. Body care for German Shepherd dogs can be done by the owner himself. The first is to bathe regularly. At least bathe your Shepherd once a week using special dog shampoo. Apart from washing its fur with shampoo, don’t forget to brush its teeth too. Make no mistake, dogs also need to have their teeth brushed to avoid unpleasant odors. To brush your teeth, this should be done three times a week, using a special dog toothpaste with a meat flavor.

Next, don’t miss the ears and nails. To prevent your pet dog from suffering from ear disease, you should regularly clean your German breeder’s ears. The way to do this is to clean it using cotton wool previously dipped in or dripped with baby oil. The last thing is to cut the German Shepherd’s nails. This part is quite complicated to do, but in order to ensure that the Shepherd dog doesn’t have difficulty walking, it’s a good idea to routinely cut the German Shepherd’s nails every 10 days. Don’t cut it too short, this can cause the German Shepherd to suffer pain. It’s best to cut it just a little but regularly.

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4. Training to defecate and urinate
The next way to raise German Shepherd dogs is to teach them how to defecate and urinate. The risk of keeping a shepherd dog from a young age is that you have to train all the basic things independently. Especially when it comes to defecation and urination.

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